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Substitution Policy

Gifts in a Balloon Creations strives to use the same balloon designs that are illustrated on the site, but there may be exceptions. 

Gifts in a Balloon Creations will not substitute the following balloons unless exceptions are noted below.

1) Large Mylar shaped balloons — licensed characters.
Exceptions: We may substitute with an alternate design of the same licensed character.

2) Mylar balloons of 18in-20in size.
Exceptions: Designs of the same theme may be substituted if (Design may vary) is part of the product description.

3) Singing Balloons
Exceptions: We may substitute with a balloon of the same or similar song and character.

4) Megaloon Numbers and Letters.
No exceptions.

5) Non-licensed Bubble Balloons.
No exceptions.

6) Licensed Bubble Balloons.
Exceptions: We may use substitute with designs of the same message or theme.

7) Specifically selected latex balloon colors and sizes.
No exceptions.

8) Specifically selected plain Mylar balloon colors and shapes (Stars, Hearts).
No exceptions.

9) Personalized large Mylar balloon shapes.
No exceptions.

10) Personalized 18in balloons.
Exceptions: Personalized name/age 18in Mylar balloon designs may vary.

11) Latex specialty shapes (Blossoms, Donuts, Pacifiers, Lifesavers, Airships, Twisty Collars).
No exceptions.

12) Latex specialty prints (Animals, Agates, etc)
Exceptions: Agate patterns will vary, but colors will not be substituted.

13) Latex Airspray and Birthday prints.
Exceptions: The graphics on these balloons may vary.


In cases where we must deviate from these guidelines we will contact you for approval. If we are unable to reach you we will proceed with the delivery using the best substitution available. In such cases, if you are not fully satisfied with the product we deliver, an appropriate refund will be issued.

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