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Balloon Care


Just Wanted to share a few tips to ensure you make the most of your purchase.

The Weather

We all love nothing than to discuss the weather so here we go:-

Please bare in mind how cold affects helium balloons. Helium floats due to it being thinner then air,but when it gets cold it makes it dense and heavier than air causing it to shrivel & sink. Once returned to the warmth, you’ll hear them start to make little popping noises where the helium is expanding the foil balloon back to its rightful state.

What your Balloon doesn’t like.

  1. Coming into contact with  sharp or hot objects.

  2. Claws, Beaks and any other playfully determined pet.

  3. Being dragged through doorways.

  4. Getting Trapped in Car boots or doors.

  5. Big or Little Hands that forget to hold on tight.

  6. Extreme Weather.

Outdoor Balloons

Some of the nicest celebrations can take place outdoors. So we can appreciate balloons can play a massive part in your celebration. Unless the weather is completely calm, your balloon will move in the wind, hide from the rain and pop in hot sunshine. Although balloons are weighted , I cannot guarntee they will be able to sustain outdoor climates.

Ceiling Installs

Balloon ceiling transform rooms is a big way. If you’re looking to decorate a ceiling you need to check the surface before doing this. The Smallest of things, such as a chip in the paintwork , Artex can make a balloon pop, so run your hand across and check for any area that might have these.They also take a lot of a  balloons to fill a ceiling . Hot spot lamps will pop balloons, if your room has these make sure they have been turned off for 2 hrs and are completely cool before balloons are placed. Do not turn any lights that get hot as your balloons will pop and frighten your guests.

Latex Balloons

Our latex balloons are biodegradable which means they oxide overtime.

Our Full Coloured latex balloons become Matt and our clear latex balloons will become cloudy within 10 – 12 Hrs. Please make an effort to recycle your balloons once used.

Float Time

11 ” Inch latex Balloons standard party balloons will stay floating for 8 hrs.

3ft latex balloons float for 24-36 hrs.

I use Hi float in all of my latex balloons to increase lease of life this doubles the time stated.

Please note Confetti balloons do not work in standard balloons and need to be bigger balloons in order for them to float.

Air filled products such as balloon garlands, Arches and Bespoke builds will last for weeks , so make sure you have room for after the event.

Sun Damage

On the off chance that the sun is shining bright its worth noting that the balloon colour will fade, so try and look at lighter colours to reflect this . If its Super hot then be sure to know the balloon may pop.

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